Moral Decadence among Secondary Schools: The time for blame game is over

Recently, at a Lagos Secondary School, the management was shocked to discover that some of their students had converted a spot in the school to a sex joint. The joint, served as a place where male and female students went to have sex during school hours and watch pornography. It has since been dismantled by the school authority. A teacher in the same school disclosed that students had been watching pornography on their mobile phones during classes. My goodness! Can you imagine some of these students watching pornographic films while the teaching is going on?  How low can we stoop in our society?  Have we become a morally bankrupt society?

The moral decadence in our society has reached such a level that calls for concern; this has become a controversial issue, it is disheartening to know that the society we live now is morally blind and deteriorated. Worst still, the youth especially in secondary schools are the most hit of this menace, so sad to say. The level of depravity to which our youths have descended was made evident by the discovery in the Lagos secondary school mentioned earlier.

Early this year, there was a report on the new practice adopted by secondary school girls. These involve girls taking photographs of their private parts, circulating same among friends, the photographs found their way to the internet. We have had cases of cultism in schools. This is no longer restricted to the universities and other tertiary institutions; it has spread to secondary schools and lately it is said to have gone to the primary school. The rape saga at Ireti Secondary School, Ikoyi, leaves to be imagined.

The era of a healthy competition among school boys and girls to excel in their academic pursuits seem to be a thing of the past. Examination malpractices are becoming a norm where lazy students can cunningly make headway in their education. There have been reports from different sources that parents, teachers as well as officials of examination bodies aid students to cheat during exams. Schools as Secondary educators should bear in mind that education should be all round, one that promotes Character and knowledge focusing on the development of all dimensions of their personality – intellectual, character, spiritual, talents, physical and social. Students should be guided to embrace the values of self-reliance, honesty, diligence, entrepreneurship, self-esteem and ability to face the reality of life. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case, not only has moral dropped but the standard of education.

Some may blame the parents, others might point accusing fingers at the media while the rest may believe it’s the youth who are responsible for their misbehavior but whichever school of thought you belong to, it is important to know that educating the youth is a collective responsibility of the members of the society. Therefore, this call for concerns of parents, teachers, government and other stakeholders in the education sector. This is not the time to point accusing fingers and play the blame game, instead it’s time to take urgent steps to bring to end this problem. Parents should serve as gate keepers to see that the school lives up to its responsibilities and not to destroy the good work they have started with their children. Sadly, some parents abandon their responsibilities to the school, parents don’t have time to supervise their children and school work, while some are too busy with the pursuit of their businesses at the expense of the welfare of their children. The School is not a baby sitter, it only reinforces what parents have taught their children.

We must not forget the role of the media in our society today, which is to inform, educate, entertain and serve as the watch-dog of the society. Unfortunately, it is no longer so. The entertainment industry for example through erotic music videos, movies and some obnoxious publications have succeeded in polluting the minds of the youth by  promoting indecent dressing, indulging in alcohol and other  dangerous intoxicants, smoking, among others. Many of these youngsters admire the errant lifestyle of some entertainers and secular music stars. They not only admire them but see them as role models, as result, pay less attention to their studies, perform poorly in their academic work and at worst, might decide to drop out of school. Time and wherewithal spent in school are wasted, leaving their parents depressed and disappointed. The culture of reading good books are no longer valued by these students rather they spend hours browsing the internet that are not relevant to their studies. They are more concerned about having fun than studying.


The time for blame game is over; each and every one concerned should take up their responsibilities. The negative implication of this is nothing but frightening, if nothing is done to arrest this ugly trend then we can be sure of producing unruly adults. Parents, no matter how busy you may be, find time to give your children good upbringing as the gains far outweigh the losses. The School must not relent in their effort to provide quality education in their pursuit for academic excellence. The Media also should be socially responsible to the society by promoting morals and values through their content.





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