My Daughter is as Important as My Son.

My daughter is uniquely created; my son is as craftily created as his sister. They are created to be champions in whatever good they decide to be. They are created to help each other succeed in life.


Complementarity is all we need. What is good for the boy child is also good for the girl child. The boy will become a brother, a man, a husband, a father, a professional in his chosen field of education/vocation, a priest, a pastor, an Imam, etc. The girl will become a sister, a woman, a wife, a mother, a professional in her chosen field of education/vocation, etc. No limitations, just life coaching techniques from parents to achieve all of the above; the boy and girl child learn to complement one another. There are no twenty one ways about it!

If this is the premise in the modern society, why is it then, that when a boy defiles a girl, the girl is derided by her parents, family and society, the boy goes about feeling hippie

about his escapades, leaving the girl dejected and rejected? The boy too should face the same wrath the girl faces. Both should bear the consequences. Granted that nature and society have made the shame more for the girl when she gets pregnant, the boy must be made to have a share in that pregnancy. Like accompanying the girl to ante natal, shopping, etc. Did I hear you shout my name, yes I will ensure my son does these things since he can have intercourse, then he can do all of the above listed duties and more. Shielding our sons from facing and bearing the consequences of their wrong doing is the fundamental reason why this twisted ideology of male supremacy and entitlement still strives in the 21st century.


Parents teach your sons to respect the dignity of the girl child. Teach also your daughters to respect the boy child. For today’s parenting is intentional in order to protect, to guide, to educate in character, to bring out the best in our children for a better society. A society we yearn for, free from sexual pervasiveness, physical abuse, and wanton wickedness.

Nudity is not for a second party consumption let alone for the public. Our children should learn that their private parts are kept private and never to be exposed no matter who the person requesting to peep into it may be. Let them know that others exposing theirs doesn’t make it right! Years to come they will be grateful they never did especially in this era of social media where everything goes public!


When puberty sets in, a lot happens to their bodies, which we their parents have experienced. Let them know it is normal to feel strange and funny, because you once felt the same. Don’t wait till they tell you, engage them as early as 3 years and talk to them about age appropriate sexuality education. Nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t act scandalized when they come with their “very important and private questions,” they need answers and we must provide them. If you don’t have answers, ask, research but never ignore these questions.

We are responsible for their mistakes if we don’t play out our roles responsibly. We must learn that protecting our girl child is as important as protecting the boy child from all manners of social ills and dysfunctional roles created by the society.


My daughter is as important as my son!


This is Chinelo Ikenma Ujubuonu saying Ozuzuamaka: Good Upbringing is Golden!


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