Letters to Parents 1


By Vivian Umeanadu-Ojeh

Dear Parents,

The holidays are over. We had our time with our children; probably at one time wished they could go back to school so we could have our peace, amidst the fun though, did we ever take out little time to prepare our children for the coming school year? I mean, talk to them about what we expect from them in their new class?

Did we tell them about discipline, hard work, honesty and respect? Did we give them tips on how to do well in school in this new session?

Don’t just buy your kids back-to-school kits, prepare them mentally, physically and emotionally for the new class. It is your job too. Make the parent and teacher, School and child partnership a success!

Yeah! One of the major concerns of any parent is the meal package for school. You know, the day to day snacks, lunch package for children as they go to school. There is that period when parents get stuck with the routine that they kind of run out of ideas about what to cook next.

Make school lunches healthy and fun with these three easy ideas:

  1. Plan Meal: Think about a whole new meal to try for your children this coming term; a new snack, a new dish or maybe a meal mix.
  2. Add vegetables to the Meal Plan. Yes! Children won’t love this but it’s healthy. Do not forget they are growing. Avoid giving those noodles and if you must, add carrots, peas, green paper, runner beans to noodles and rice and so on. If the routine is maintained, they will begin to love it.
  3. Fruits, oh heavenly fruits! Make this a must-have for your children’s lunch pack. Apples, oranges, banana, etc., each a day will do just great, especially fruits in season.

Finally, remember that love makes flowers tender and beautiful. Feed your children lots of love. Don’t neglect your teenage children, they need it. Don’t mind their height towering above yours, they are still your babies!

Sure, this promises to be a fulfilling academic year for our children!

With love,

Vivian Umeanadu-Ojeh


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