The role of parents in the total formation of their children can never be over emphasised.  A child is born into a family made up of parents first, and other relations as the case may be. Thereby making the family the first church, school, social forum etc. of a child, a statement that is unarguable. For the fact that the parents are first in a child’s life and supposedly the highest stakeholders in everything concerning the child, their active involvement in the child’s academic endeavour in no small measure brings about tremendous results.

A parent of a primary pupil who sits by the child’s side whenever the child is doing his or her assignment, explains difficult tasks, joins in reading those interesting literature, gives a hi-five when task is correctly done, commends efforts at reading even a four letter word, has built in the child so much positive attitude towards learning. The child looks forward to going to school and learning with enthusiasm and the performance will be nothing short of excellent.

Parents’ involvement do not end at the nursery section, rather it is a progressive thing. As they grow they should be followed, primary as well as secondary education. Parents should show interest in knowing their children’s friends, through their friends parents know more about their children, again it becomes easier for parents to discover negative behaviour in their children early enough and have them corrected.


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