Children’s World: Where Curiosity Leads to Experience

Hippie! Now the children can read The Arena Weekly! We added Children’s World in our weekly magazine. It is going to be fun as well as educating. Asking questions is learning too, so let the children ask questions and you answer correctly. You too can ask them so they learn too. Here you get to bond with the children; curiosity leads to experience.

So what are we waiting for? Share with your children.

Children Do you Know that…

A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers on a Hot-Air Balloon on the 19th September 1783, when  Pilatre De Rozier, a scientist, launched the first hot air balloon called ‘Aerostat Reveillon’. The balloon stayed in the air for a grand total of 15 minutes before crashing back to the ground?



 is named after the number googol—a one followed by a hundred zeros?










Your FINGERNAILS take six months to grow from base to tip?








An eleven year old GIRL name the Dwarf Planet PLUTO?











There are about a BILLION BACTERIA  in your mouth right NOW?

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