Go To School!.. What’s The Aim?

*The 3Gs code (GO to School. GET GOOD grades. GET A GOOD job) no longer applies.

* If we are to go by the words of Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid”. The school system as we know it will be scraped; as not every child will thrive in academic prowess, which is the yardstick by which intelligence is measured.

However, those same children will have areas of strengths which the school system in its design pays no attention to.

*Please note that the education system is a one size fits all structure (same curriculum, same teaching, same methods & standards) that pays little or no attention to the innate capabilities of children without considering the fact that some kids are like the eagle- they know how to fly above the storm; some are like the duck- very good swimmers and some others are either like the rabbit or squirrel – very good climbers and fast runners.

But sadly, all are within the same school model and would require a display of those skills and more; all in a bid to master the unfamiliar areas and in the process their personal areas of strengths SUFFER.

*What do get at the end of the day?  Average performances.

And because what is claimed to stand out is academic prowess, all other abilities are buried in the pursuit to attain good grades.

I think that if young people eventually discover the 3Gs code for the lie that it is, we will have bitter, unfulfilled individuals roaming the earth. To circumvent this, why don’t we start early to take notice of those unique qualities/abilities of our children and investigate the possibilities of harnessing them whilst they acquire the foundational education needed to operate in this plane.

*It is sad to note that we do not have high schools tailored for the acquisition of certain specialized inclinations such as A Fashion & Designs Secondary school, A Secondary school for Theatre & Creative Arts, A Secondary school for Information Technology (Programming & Coding etc.) or a Secondary school for Science Inventions & Innovations. Even when we have a Federal School of Science & Technology and because they have to keep up with the curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education, a child who for his interest in the Sciences opted for this school will be forced to study his subjects of interest along with many irrelevant subjects clearly unrelated to his pursuits.


Just recently, my husband and I got to know of a Secondary school for Sporting inclinations which was well suited for our 11 year old son who from as far back as 7 years old, had made it known that he loved sports and it was obvious he thrived in that field alongside his interest in Information Technology (IT).


*There is a popular saying “You catch them young” which is attributed to harnessing their abilities at a young age. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS IN PRACTICALITY?

* I dare say that parents have their work cut out for them as it is their responsibility to take note of the inclinations of their children early enough as the school model is not designed to do this for them. After such discovery has been made, you still have the sole responsibility of guiding & counseling them on how best to harness & actualize those inclinations.

*You have to be deliberate as you guide them through school, that the goal attained at the end, would be a FULFILLING ONE.

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