Activity based learning: Advantages and Disadvantages? – Part 3


As the name suggest Activity based learning is gaining knowledge by doing activities. In this methodology students rather than attending the classes given by teachers, they use their creative dynamism to guide them through the activity based material. There is strong lobby supporting either learning channel. People who support traditional ways of learning strongly feels that it worked for them, for their parents, similarly it will work well for their child as well. Another section of society feels otherwise and strongly advocates for activity based learning. Let’s see what are the general advantages and disadvantages we have come across:

  • Each child has its own speed to grasp things, activity based learning allows kid to learn fundamentals at their own speed.
  • Horizon of learning is pretty wise, it facilitates learning in groups, and mutual learning. Also it has a place for self-learning.
  • It allows teacher’s to devote time to individual student needs.
  • Since its activity based and kid is involved in the process – their participation allows them to pick fundamentals fast.
  • There is no concept of unit test etc, Evaluation is inbuilt in the system which makes it quite child friendly.
  • On completing the activity, child has a feeling of sense of accomplishment which boosts child’s confidence.
  • Games are needless to say create more buzz among children.
  • Creative and communicative skills are bound to groom in this way of learning.
  • There is feeling of interaction between teacher and the child, it helps in reducing the barrier between the two.

Now let’s look at some disadvantages which is not allowing activity based learning mushroom it to the huge extent.

  • It’s important to learn facts right. If fundamentals and facts are not known, it doesn’t help in arguments and debates.
  • Same goes for learning any foreign language.

There are not many disadvantages however shortcomings are big enough which makes traditional learning and activity based learning system as complementary mechanism, rather than substituting them completely. If judiciously both the techniques are blended and child is taught it can do wonders.


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