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Most times, parents and even teachers are concerned about their teenagers and wish they would be more of friends than the civil fraternal relationship they share; they wish their teenage children were more open minded and free to talk out their problems and worries.

Important to note is the fact that at this stage of teenagers’ life, where freedom is sought and pertinent issues begin to arise in their lives, issues that can deem problematic to them and sometimes be a cause of worry to them, they find it hard to get along with adults who seem to want to stay in charge and control their lives. Hence, the fights and arguments that are part of the parent-teenage child relationship. Teachers are not left out either.

Certainly, some parent somewhere wants more with their teenage children and know not how to go about it. So, below are basic guidelines in dealing with your teenage child. To succeed in your relationship with your teenager, it is pertinent these points remain with you especially in your confrontations with them.

  1. Teenagers are very insecure and so very insensitive about their looks. So please do not make unflattering statements about their looks when they annoy you.
  2. Teenagers seek affirmation, love and affection. Never think they are too old for such things as a hug, a word of praise or comfort.
  3. They feel bad when you compare them to their more successful peers and praise these peers while completely overlooking their efforts at improvement.
  4. They hate it when old offences are dragged up because they have committed new one. They prefer you stick to the matter at hand.
  5. Teenagers like to be listened to and heard out. Please give them a chance to defend themselves and really HEAR them out before you jump to conclusions.
  6. Teenagers are still developing their verbal skills, Sometimes they say the very opposite of what they mean. Be patient with them and do not thrash over their arguments.
  7. They are proponents of justice. To them the world is not fair. Try to be just in dealing, by taking time to explain the magnitude of their offence before you punish.
  8. They are proponents of justice. They cannot bear when angry adults manipulate and twist issues when reporting their offences in other to make them look bad during misunderstandings.
  9. Teenagers are always thinking about themselves, so they do not hear instructions too well. Do repeat instructions, do not take for granted that they have heard you.
  10. Teenagers love their parents very much, never mind the constant quibbling over cleaning of their rooms.








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