It is yet another decisive period in the lives of both parents and children in primary schools especially primary six. This is the period to write series of entrance examinations into various secondary schools both private and public. While buying the entrance forms, parents should take into considerations many factors which include the following:

The Academic ability of the child: Parents often make the mistake of saddling their children with so much academic responsibilities, believing that by so doing the best in their children will be realised. Sadly, this is not usually the case. Parents should endeavour to not heap so much stress on their children in the hope of helping them be the best.

Do not compare. You should not buy an entrance form for your child into a school as a means of comparison with children of your friends to prove just how smart you and your child are.

Why are you buying the form? It will help you and the child writing the exam to truly be convinced why a particular form should be bought especially in this period of economic melt- down, money should be judiciously spent. Why buy too many forms when you do not have any intention of your child going to the school? Though it is equally risky to buy very few to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Also bear in mind the uniqueness of each child. Though it may be more convenient and even economical for siblings to be in the same school, yet bear in mind that all of them may not be able to do well when put in the same school. Can the child withstand life outside the house and still live up to his/her academic expectations? Also consider which will be better – day or boarding school?

A child’s health status should also be of much concern to the parents too.

Another point to consider is distance. Does a child need to travel far for his/her secondary education? Are there not better schools around?

Also, you need to consider the school fees of the intended school/schools. It will be of good help to find out beforehand the current school fees of the school/schools your child/ward want to write as it will help in taking decision at the beginning of the academic session. Do not be in a hurry to take decision.

When salient points are duly considered, both the child and the parents will be happy at the decision taken and will be looking forward to eventual resumption with great joy and anticipation!


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