It is common place to hear teachers complain about the attention deficit of student, of their inability to give a detailed explanation of the previous subject that was taught. Although people learn differently, some are fast learners and some slow learners. It is the duty of the teacher to know how best his / her student learns and understand what was taught. To be an effective teacher, it is pertinent to know the learning styles of your students.

According to Justin Ferriman, he analyzed the six major learning styles: Visual, Physical, Aural, Verbal, Logical, Social, and Solitary.

Visual Learners: These are people that learn through the use of pictures, images, colors, diagrams etc. They often make use of phrases such as ‘show me’; ‘let’s have a look at that’. Teachers should make use of web, maps and flow charts to relate material; also they should highlight and color code notes and books for easy assimilation.

Aural Learners: These are people that learn through sound, listening to the spoken word of self or others. They use some phrases like ‘tell me’, ‘let’s talk it over’. They are classified as best listeners. Teachers has to engage the student in conversation about the subject matter, come up with questions, they should give you summary of what was taught, for evaluation.

Logical Learners: These are the people that learn through logical reasoning and system to understand concepts. They spice up the learning process, always inquisitive and striving to know more. They often go with some phrases like ‘what if’, ‘why not this’. Teachers should use applied teaching techniques for learning, they should also task them with mental work for efficiency.

Physical learners: These are people that learn through action which might be the use of body parts such as touching, feeling, holding. They learn through practice and experiment. Teachers should teach through the use of body movement like snapping fingers, pacing etc. Concepts should be dramatized.

Social Learners: These are people that learn in groups or with other people. They share ideas. Teachers should engage their students with dialog on the subject matter to improve their sense of intuition.

Solitary learners: These set of people prefer to learn alone and through self-study. Teachers should educate them on how to improve their study. Teachers should also come up with role-play and interchange of roles among the student. Teachers should inculcate the act of visualization to the student

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