Chinuanolumogu Achebe was born on 16 of November 1930 into the family of Mr. Isaiah and Janet Achebe. He attended St Philip’s Central School where he was known as the pupil with the best reading skills and handwriting in his class. He further attended the prestigious Government College in Umuahia, which was modeled on the British public school, and funded by the colonial administration. Based purely on the bases of ability, the language of the school was strictly English. He was double promoted because of his high intelligence which made him to spend four years in secondary school.

In 1948, he was awarded scholarship to study medicine, of which he changed to English, history and theology. He lost his scholarship and was made to pay tuition fees. He wrote many books as an undergraduate. After his university education, he taught English at Merchants of Light School Oba. He urged his students to read extensively and to be original in their work. In 1954 he was opportune to work for the Nigeria Broadcasting Service Lagos. Achebe wrote several books ranging from: Things fall apart, Anthills of the Savanna, There was a Country, No longer at ease, Arrow of God, A man of the people, etc.

On the 10th of September 1961, he married Christie Okoli and their union was blessed with four children. He was presented the Man Booker International Prize in 2007 for his literary career; he also won The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize in 2010. He has received over 30 honorary degrees from universities all over the world. He died after an illness in 2013.

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