Whenever it’s time for extra-curricular activities, especially sports like running, skipping, jumping, and football etc., school children are usually very excited; they welcome such occasions with shouts of joy. This is so because sports creates an avenue for them to play freely, exercise their bodies and take time off formal learning. Children, whom teachers may not refer to as academically sound are often times geniuses in sports. They do well in sports because they love it. Experience shows that children are more willing to participate in field activities than in formal learning.

This is not a case of comparing the academic activities with extra-curricular activities. For what it is worth, both are different sides of one coin. They are both necessary for the complete development of the child and should be given the same kind of attention.

Understanding the importance of play and sports in the development of the child, schools organise inter-house sports competition which the children actively participate in, as all work and no play surely makes Jack a dull boy. Children enjoy these sporting activities and are willing to forfeit even their favourite food in order to participate in sports

In order to help inculcate and sustain the spirit of sportsmanship in children as a way of learning and   early  building of  future careers in sports, parents should encourage their children at home to play football , skip or jump, engage in any type of sports for at least thirty minutes a day. The idea of keeping children inside the house, where their eyes are glued to the television may have negative effects on them psychologically, emotionally, academically and even socially.

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