School Uniform is one of the unique identities of any school. It helps to identify pupils of each school outside the school premises.  It equally gives the children a sense of belonging as they are taught to have both love and pride in it.

One of the characteristics of a school’s uniform is its simplicity. Uniform should be simple, as well as smart, and not difficult to either purchase or sew. It has to be so in order to retain its uniformity, as well as make the children look both neat and smart. It has to be simple considering the fact that primary school pupils are still little, and so should not be laden with heavy and intricate uniforms. It is also good that the uniforms be of materials that will be easy to wash.

In the past, before the influx of private schools, uniforms were very simple, it could be one plain colour or a combination of two simple colour. However, that is no longer the case today as pupils are made to wear uniforms that not only lack simplicity but also beauty. Sometimes the colours of the uniform are wrongly combined, robbing the pupils of the smartness they ought to have.

More so, it is important to state that school uniform doesn’t begin and end with the wears alone. There should be a balance and uniformity in how the pupils appear from head to toe. School management should pay attention to the uniformity of appearance as a whole in every pupil of the school. Foot wears for example, school can go for a particular one, say Cortina or basket sandals, but where it is not possible a colour should be called, if it is a black or brown sandal/shoe it must be enforced.  Seeing school children wearing church or party shoes is not only unpleasant to the eye but makes the children look unserious.

Schooling is a type of formal education, it is not only when the pupils are seated in the classroom that they are taught, through the uniform they are taught about simplicity in life, neatness and comportment. A uniform hairstyle too should be enforced, a lovely hairstyle for the girls in plaits or weaves, and a clean low cut for the boys.

One of the benefit of uniformity in wears and outlook is the reduction of distraction which may arise as a result of pupils dressing differently. When they are the same, the focus will be more on why they are in school, which is to learn. The pictures of these school children depict the beauty of uniform.


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