Primary school as the name implies is the basic foundation of all formal education; hence the importance attached to the first school leaving certificate issued at the end of primary or basic education. It is one of the demands made during admission into higher institute of learning, promotion in offices, politics etc.


Since Primary school also called basic education is the very foundation in which other educational “buildings” are built upon , it is therefore important to take note of the very things the pupils should know from their parents, teachers and of course the school  before leaving primary school.

As the first teachers, parents have roles to play and should teach their children the love for learning. With this the children become open to learning new things from both the teacher and school environment.

In addition to being made to love learning, parents should make sure their children learn the following before proceeding to the Junior Secondary School:

  1. Spirit of accommodation. When children are taught the need to accommodate others who are not members of their family, they become friendlier and this brings about cooperation in the class and the end result is effective learning.
  2. Detachment. At this early stage it is necessary to teach the children detachment from family relations so as to not only concentrate in the class but have a sense of independence. This spirit of detachment will help them in their future academic endeavour when relations will not be available, yet they perform so well.
  3. They should be taught to relay information as it is, from home to school and vice versa. This will make them grow up to be very reliable inviduals
  4. Self –Reliance. At this early stage they should be encouraged to do their school work themselves, seeking help only when necessary. They should be ready to accept their abilities while striving to improve on their limitations.
  5. Hard work. Parents should as a matter of great importance teach the children that hard work is a very useful tool towards achieving success.

In addition to improving on the work already started by the first teachers (parents), teachers should ensure:

  1. Good learning disposition: teachers should make sure that they inculcate in the children early enough the appropriate learning attitude, the eagerness to participate actively in the class.
  2. Inculcating good reading ability. They should be taught at this primary level the love to read and read well. Also the hand writing should be groomed and monitored, to be legible enough.
  3. Discouraging examination malpractice or cheating no matter the level even as low as class test or seat work.


School Management should take the formation of pupils seriously by employing qualified teachers that are trained for the primary education, so as to bring about effective communication and result. They should be able to carry out supervisory exercise as often as necessary. If all the above and more are taken into consideration at the primary level the foundation will be strong enough to carry the other levels of education.



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