Most people whether young or old have wondered what it is that successful people do differently. They are like every other person, one head, appropriate number of body parts. So what is it that they do differently that made them successful?

Below are seven key ingredients in the making of a successful person. This list is not exclusive but it is a great way to start!


  1. They think differently.

Successful people have one thing in common – They first change how they think and feel. There is so much power in the thought! So check yourself, are your thoughts negative or positive? Do you feel you are incompetent, do you see yourself not cut out for success? Successful people first changed the way they think, the way they feel because they know that emotions drive everything. If you are feeling overwhelmed or downcast your brain becomes less productive and unable to help you make good decisions or take important actions. So watch your thoughts!

  1. They believe they deserve success.

Successful people believe they deserve success. This is very important. For whatever the mind conceives and believes, that it achieves. So if you believe you are deserving of success, then you must set out to work for it and it will be yours.

  1. Successful People do whatever it takes to overcome events and patterns from the past that don’t serve them.

They look deep into their lives and discover those things including human beings that have not been of benefit to them, and make adjustment. Most of the habits, patterns and beliefs that we have today were developed between the ages of 0 and 6. We didn’t develop them consciously, they were essentially downloaded from our parents, teachers, caregivers etc. We didn’t have a choice as to what beliefs were given to us or events that were happening around us. Unfortunately most of those experiences are negative and have limited us in our adult life. Nevertheless, Successful people are aware of how limiting old negative beliefs, habits, patterns and experiences can be, so they do whatever it takes to change them!

  1. They silence their critical voice.

People wrongly think that successful people do not have doubts, that they don’t have critical voices, that they are not afraid when faced with difficulties. On the contrary, they have all these  and even more  but because of how much they challenge themselves, they use tremendous courage to never let it stop them.

  1. They are willing to fail, repeatedly. They see failing as a part of the learning process, they are never willing to quit.


  1. They do the important things first, not the easy one.

Waiting to have enough time to do the important things is not an act of successful people; for in reality, there never will be enough time and nothing will ever get done. Hence, Successful people

prioritize their life differently. They know that important thing is what will get them to where they want to be.

  1. They get clear on what they want and who they want to be, then take daily actions to get there.

Successful people know that there is great power in clarity. They get clear on what they want to achieve and who they want to be in life, and they take consistent DAILY action to get there. They never let their current limitations stop them from seeing a brighter future.

Success, therefore, isn’t an exclusive reserve of a particular person, tribe, profession, religion etc. it is achievable and attainable by anyone who sets the mind to it. Keeping these pointers in mind will serve as the first step to the success journey coupled with other lessons to be learnt through the journey.

culled from adnews magazine.

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