Children and Effective Discipline: Part 5



Part 5 looks at preventing bad behaviour before it happens and to seek for support. Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure or should I say than discipline.


Tip 5: Prevent Bad Behaviour Before It Happens and Seek Out Support

This kind of “discipline” in my opinion is what will preserve your sanity. Why would I tell my baby to stay off the stairs a million times a day when I can install a safety gate? Or make extra work for myself lifting children to the sink every time they need to wash their hands, whereas placing a stool at the sink will allow them to access the soap, water and paper towels themselves.

Prevention not only is a great form of discipline, but also supports self-help skills and builds self-esteem.

An important aspect of prevention is planning. Don’t go shopping with your toddler during a time he normally rests. Do not abruptly interrupt play (or other activities) and expect your child to cooperatively and quickly get ready to leave so you can try to be on time for your appointment. Your lack of planning and foresight will only confuse them about their own behaviour.

Also, be proactive. If there are specific shows or channels you don’t want your child watching, set parental codes on your TV. The same can be done on computers and mobile devices.

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