Jaundice in the new born is something that most people may be familiar with; but how much do they know about it?


More often than not, when parents notice jaundice, they are less bothered until the baby begins to refuse feeds. My message today is that at this stage when the child begins to refuse feeds, an irreversible damage to the brain may have occurred. The baby’s future, career, opportunities, and aspirations have just been re-written.

Jaundice is a leading cause of cerebral palsy (an irreversible condition characterized by varying degrees of impaired mental and physical development). Studies show that nearly 50% of children with cerebral palsy had jaundice in their new born period. New born Jaundice is easily recognizable as yellowish discoloration of eyes, and the skin of the new born. The cause of the discoloration is bilirubin, a chemical from the body that is overproduced due to various causes (infection, blood group incompatibility, prematurity, etc). Bilirubin causes damage to the immature brain of the new born when it is produced in very high quantities.


What do you do when you notice jaundice? In my next post. Don’t miss it!



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