Children in Nursery schools fall below five years old. As a result of their tenderness, proper attention should be paid to them with regards to their:

Physical Environment: This has a very strong impact on their learning development. A well- designed environment gives room for exploration, gives a sense of control and focus. When children are in a well-developed physical environment, they engage in self-directed play.

Health: What is the condition of toilets in the crèche? Are they separate from where the children eat? Are they cleaned daily before and after use? Is it well ventilated? Do the children get enough fresh air (not just fan or air conditioner). Good habits should be taught even as tender as they are.

Comfort: How comfortable are the furniture? These tender ones use seats, sleeping materials etc. It’s important to make sure that the furniture is comfortable for them. It must be child-sized; furniture meant for adult should not be used for children.

Convenience: Is there easy access to materials used? They should be made accessible to everyone for use.

Children should have educational toys to play with, they should not be harmful and should always be handled under adult supervision.

Free movement: The room should be spacious enough to give room for the children to crawl, pull up, jump, walk and explore.

Above all the population of the children should be minimal for effective supervision.

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