How Well Do We Know Our Children

It happened so suddenly, as I walked pass two teenage boys, they spoke in vernacular, arguing about a substance in a bottle, the younger one was so upset, while the older one played calm, repeatedly asking if the younger one didn’t know what the content in the bottle was. The younger feigned ignorant. Until I heard him say, “I won’t take it home, our parents won’t know, I will take it here, please don’t pour it away, pleaseee…,” he kept saying until I walked away.

As I walked pass, I wondered what was in the bottle, could it be alcohol or hard substance? Whatever it was, it must have been a prohibited content, not allowed at home, and hence the older one wanted it thrown away while the younger one wanted it badly. From the look of things, it was not his first time, I presume, or he may have become addicted to it in the process.

This is how it begins, our children hiding things from us, with their siblings in the know, while we their parents are in the dark, until it gets out of control.

Are we observant about the changes in our children’s attitude?

Are they usually alone especially our teenagers?

Are they usually quieter than they used to be?

Are they willing to help their younger ones or elders?

Do they take their house chores seriously?

Do we love them when the going gets tough?

Do we love them for who they are?

We don’t have to nag them, but be observant, loving, caring and understanding. Best of all, be their friends as well as their parents.

“This is Chinelo Ujubuoñu saying Ozuzuamaka-Good Upbringing is Golden”



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