Who actually is responsible for the unpleasant languages used among primary school children?

You will be shocked listening to primary school children (children under twelve years) talking to themselves in such a disrespectful manner. “John you are a big fool, you don’t have sense, you are an idiot, and so and on. So who taught them all these? The parents (their first teachers), the teachers, their peers, the society?  Let us look at each group

Parents: Parents like we all know and agree are a child’s first teacher, the family into which the child is born, is its first point of learning. In this family we have parents, siblings and other relations. The question is, what kind of language is used here, do parents use abusive words on their children when they misbehave? If that’s the case, these children will grow up believing that it’s the healthy way to talk. A child who when he misbehaves is being asked if he/she is crazy by the parent(s) will find nothing wrong asking similar question to anybody who annoys him or her.  Those who call their children empty heads are equally sending bad signals. On the other hand parents who have, through practise, taught their children how to respect human dignity by not using foul languages still have their children using such, where did they learn it from?  You may ask.

School/Teachers: In school, children from different tribes, family backgrounds are put together. Often times, teachers out of frustration from the children’s mischievous or disobedient acts angrily use foul languages on them, you hear things like  “Stupid boy, useless girl, idiot, empty head, smelling pig, and many others”. So even a child who never knew anything called foul language from home gets a full dose of it in school and unfortunately from  the very person  who ought and should be his/her role model, the teacher!. Even when the teacher do not use such foul languages, how can he/she one control the other children who come from different backgrounds and are used to such languages? These children interact during break, extra-curricular activities, etc.  and during these moments you will be shocked to hear children use languages so abusive among themselves.

The Society: Even if the above are so conscious of the words they use, what about the society?  There is so much frustration and unhappiness in the society that at the slightest provocation you will be surprised at what you hear. A child mistakenly stepped on a tired woman who had been waiting for a bus under the sun and the following conversation took place:

Boy: I’m sorry ma

Lady: Sorry for yourself, stupid, useless boy! What are your eyes for? (Hissing heavily).

The child of course was embarrassed because even after saying sorry he was still bathed with such words. So when children especially those in primary school use foul languages, who do we blame?

Truly it should not be a case of apportioning blames for that cannot proffer solution. We know using foul language is self-derogatory, it does not show love or respect to the other person or even for oneself. In order to rid our children of such unpleasant culture, all hands must be on deck.

At home, parents and family members should be careful not to use foul words and also discourage as well as correct them if learnt outside. The same for teachers and school management.

The danger is, if they are allowed to grow up using foul or abusive language whenever they are angry they will grow up being aggressive and disrespectful.



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