Two weeks, I got at least four children who were born with ‘hole-in-the heart’ but the diagnosis was missed until later in life. This made me to reflect on the power of a stethoscope. It could save a lot!

So what’s in a stethoscope?

A stethoscope could do a lot depending on whose perspective. As a cardiologist, I want to think ‘heart’. A simple stethoscope in the hand of a good Doctor could be the first tool in arousing the suspicion of a hole-in-the heart.
Although some babies could appear normal at birth, something could still be wrong.

What you should look out for

These signs that should get you worried

1. Darkness/duskiness/blueness around the lips
2. Fast breathing
3. Failure to gain weight appropriately
4. Feeding difficulty/poor feeding
5. Easy tiredness (the child often complains about being tired)

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