It’s the holidays!!!

The most exciting time of the year right? For the children, it brings joy, anticipation and excitement. They get to travel abroad, travel to visit grandparents, cousins and friends, they also get to relax and spend more time with parents and loved ones. For some parents with busy schedules, it is a nightmare, the beginning of the end! Lol.

While some students have summer lessons to attend in preparation for external exams, others have a stack of homework and assignments to complete. However, the main purpose of the school holidays is to provide students with a break. The break is a much needed pause in the schedule before things gear up for the next couple months of school (which can be pretty intense). Thus parents and students should see it as an opportunity to hang out, chill out, and spend some quality time as a family.


There are loads of fun activities family can do together, such as:

Movies: If there’s a good, family-friendly movie showing in the cinema, bring the entire family to watch it. Grab your tickets, popcorn, and drinks and generally have a good time. Alternatively, you can buy a few DVDs, bake some cakes or biscuits or chin chin and watch them in the comfort of your own living room.

Games: If your family enjoys playing together, bring out the scrabble, the board and card games and have a few rounds of Monopoly Deal or Chess. These games ensure they think deeply and intelligently, and make informed decisions.

Explore: You might also like to check out some inexpensive attractions like go on excursions or tours to the Museum, Art gallery, Millennium park, etc. where they can learn and explore their heritage. If the weather permits, try to get outdoors as much as possible. Plan a picnic, bring out the bicycles and go cycling. Bring them to the beach to relax and play games.

Travel: If finances permit you can plan a short trip outside your location, visit historical sites of other states, explore and have fun.

Whatever you do, be sure to build in some time to laugh, talk, and dream together. In family life, the best things tend to happen when you aren’t expecting it. So stay loose, stay open, and don’t get so uptight or overscheduled that you can’t just enjoy spending time with your children. Let them tell you what they would like to do and how they want to spend their time away from school. You’ll be glad you did.



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