3 Secrets to raising a well behaved child II

Build their confidence and patience

Most of the reasons children behave badly is because they feel frustrated, powerless and have a feeling of impatience. When you give a child the confidence to figure things on their own, they will be better equipped to care for themselves and won’t come to you every time they encounter a challenge. The first question is “how do I build my child’s confidence?”

Make them think for themselves: Give children the opportunity to make little choices as they grow old. Stretch your child’s cognitive skills by challenging him to find answers for himself. For example, if a child ask “what do I call my dad’s brother?” make your response a question of your own; “what do you think you should call him?” Such a response will eventually give him confidence in his own ability to figure things out.

The second question is “how do I build my child’s patience?”

Firstly, no one likes to wait, especially children. That’s why it’s important for parents to start teaching their children what patience is. Every parent wants their children to develop tolerance for impatience so they won’t misbehave when faced with that feeling.

Make them wait: Don’t always make available everything your child asks for. Allow them to experience the unpleasantness of waiting for something because it’s a great tool to managing impatience. Encourage your children and educate them on the benefits of patience and consequences of impatience. Also site examples of the resultant effects of patience and impatience. Learn to appreciate your child even if it’s just for picking up your pen.

Conclusively, it is pertinent to know that you can’t raise a well behaved child overnight. You also need patience.


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