How Students Learn Part 2


Dimensions of Learning


Teaching and learning occur in dynamic environments. In these environments, teachers, students, materials, textbooks, technologies, and social structures are all related and interactive. Learning and teaching occurs across five basic dimensions:

  • Confidence and independence
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Skills and strategies
  • Use of prior and emerging experience
  • Critical reflection

These five elements are known as the dimensions of learning. They cannot be treated individually; instead, they are dynamically interwoven. They describe the basic elements that must be part of every classroom learning (and teaching) experience. Students learn best when these five dimensions are addressed and incorporated into every teaching/learning experience.


Positive Attitudes and Perceptions About Learning

Attitudes and perceptions affect students’ ability to learn. Learning occurs best when the development of positive attitudes and perceptions is made part of every learning task. Students learn to think positively about themselves, their peers, and the material they are learning.

Here are some suggested classroom behaviours and practices:


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