Improving Children’s Reading Skills with Techniques that Work at Home Part 1

Improving children’s reading skills

Parents can improve the reading skills of their children who are struggling readers and help them become more fluent readers. Research has shown that using techniques like the ones below can lead to a significant increase in word accuracy and comprehension. To be effective, any of these methods needs to be used at least five times a week for several weeks. And reading sessions should last about 10 minutes. These techniques are designed primarily to improve the skills of struggling readers – not seriously disabled readers. They can also be helpful to beginning readers.

The Neurological Impress Method

Background – The Neurological Impress Method (NIM) was first used by Dr. R.G. Heckelman in an experiment in the early 1960s. It is what is now called an assisted reading strategy. Thirty years of studies have shown that NIM is a very effective method of remedial reading instruction for many students, whether they are beginning

readers or struggling readers at any grade level. According to Heckelman, progress can be very rapid. Some children advance as much as a grade level after just 2 hours of instruction. And many students are able to read on grade level after using the method for 8 to 12 hours.

NIM does not work with all children. You should know after 4-hours whether your child is responding well to NIM, or another method needs to be tried. Children with serious language or neurological impairments may require additional help before starting to use NIM.

What NIM Can Do

  • Give parents an easy way to improve their children’s reading.
  • Deliver rapid progress in a limited amount of time.
  • Offer non-stressful reading instruction.
  • Provide a multi-sensory approach to reading.
  • Increase the reader’s attention span.
  • Give exposure to a large number of words including difficult words in each reading session.
  • Provide a model of correct reading, and eliminate many poor reading habits. 

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