Clever Clark’s life in the school for cartoon characters was horrible. Clark was a character from an ordinary comic, an intelligent kid, and that was it. But his classmates really were something special. Some were incredible superheroes, others were great wizards, or space travelers. And they all had such extraordinary powers that it made Clark look like a simpleton.

So spectacular were their abilities and adventures that the world of cartoon characters was a bit of a bore to them.

-“What a pain this is,”

they would say,

-“we always win here, and the villains are pitiful. We want real villains, so we can give them a taste of our powers!”

All this unnerved Clark. How would they face the real world, knowing how difficult it was?

But his classmates got their way, and one day they all woke up in the real world. This world was really dangerous, and when the characters tried to save it – using their superpowers – they realised the real world was under some sort of spell.

It must have been a terrible spell because everything seemed back to front. It was impossible to teleport from place to place, fly through the air, or use your laser vision. Any little knock or bump was terribly painful, space weapons didn’t work, and none of the spells they knew had any effect. How could they save the world if their powers were useless?

But then Clark came along. It seemed like the spell had no effect on him, because he was just as intelligent as ever. He instantly understood what was going on. Along with Clark there were other characters that hadn’t lost their qualities. These were normal characters: boys and girls who were happy, fun, creative, charming, hard-working and affectionate… and they were able to live just the same in the real world as they had in the comic world. And while their ‘powerful’ classmates could do nothing else but wonder what had happened to their powers, this new group of normal heroes put all their abilities into practice to help save the world from the current danger.

And they were a great success, because the danger threatening the world was none other than the world filling up with children who spent their time doing nothing, expecting to be given some magical and mysterious power that would enable them to solve everything.

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