My teaching experience has made me meet quite a lot of characters, during this experience i taught basic three (3) pupils. In a class there are about fifty (50) pupils and there is a particular girl In that class called Eniola, she can’t read like other pupils do, leading to others constantly making fun of her. The first time i noticed her was during a reading period in the classroom while others were reading she was crying. This sort of behavior had made her notorious in the classroom her teacher always complain about her attitude towards reading that she is not ready to learn like other pupils. When I set a dictation she would chuck her pen down and say “I can’t write and burst into tears. Her teacher is fed up of her, I do call her after school hour to teach her how to join letters together to make a word and I always make sure to encourage her that she can do it. One day I gave her an home work to write just five words for me but to my surprise she wrote ten words, i was also very happy that she is improving. I remember the pride in her eyes when I praised her for doing so good. As days went on Eniola made more progress. It started out with small things like putting her hand up to answer question in the class. When she realized that her ideas were encouraged she did it more. Few week later I found her waiting after school hour to show me some sentences she had written down. She work hard to improve in her reading after some months I discovered that Eniola wanted to try to read with the pupils in her class during reading hour, something she would never have considered during before despite the discourage of her friends in the class I made her to lead the class in reading hour. Her teacher laughed out and made a joke about the fact she couldn’t read why will have to make her lead the class in reading. At first Eniola really struggled when she read she paused and repeated words over and over before she could finally get them out. I made her to lead the class for about three times before the term came to an end. The first and second time was a little bit terrible for her but the third time she had the courage to read. I was so proud of everything Eniola achieved in that class, but I also felt proud of myself for trying so hard to help her out to prove the teacher wrong about her and make this girl to believe in herself. I can now see more clearly why you need to take an individual approach to each child and also learned that you should never stop trying no matter what anyone think or might say. If I ever teach someone with challenges i will make sure to never give up on them.


This was written by Ayomide Adesaka, this particular story was a part of her 6 months teaching experience.

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