THE CRASHED MARTIAN: Teamwork, Friendship & Hardwork

That proved somewhat difficult, and most animals ended up having had a finger in their eye, someone’s foot in their ear, and numerous bumps on the head.
However, after much perseverance, they finally reached the moon and rescued the Martian. Most unfortunately, while he was coming down the tower of animals, the bear couldn’t help sneezing. He happened to be allergic to moon dust.

The whole tower crashed to Earth with a great din comprising howls, roars, and other assorted animal cries. Seeing all this, the Martian thought that the animals would very angry with him because they would blame it all on him.

But it was just the opposite. As they recovered from the fall, the animals jumped and clapped with joy, happy to have achieved something so difficult together. The whole day was spent partying.

The Martian observed everything, and when he returned to his planet the other Martians were astonished at what had happened. And so it was that those simple and helpful animals taught the Martians the importance of working together, joyfully, in a team. Since then, Martians no longer travel alone during their journeys through space. Now they go in groups, always willing to help each other, and make sacrifices whenever necessary.

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