Free resources for Basic Science for Primary 1-6

Dear Primary School Proprietors/tress and Teachers,

Since the current lockdown suspended teaching as we have known it, here at WhyBlueSky we want to contribute to keeping the quality education going.

WhyBlueSky is a Polish-Nigerian educational startup. Since 2017, +400 primary schools have used our teaching tools. Now, due to COVID-19, we decided to release our instructional materials for Basic Science and Technology, Nigerian Primary 1-6, FOR FREE for the third term, for any school, for an unlimited number of teachers. These materials can be used both as IN-CLASS and for DISTANCE TEACHING. We designed them specifically to be compatible and easily shareable with parents and students.

We welcome you to check all the details and place your order for any grade (Primary 1-6) at this website:

Bukola Akinremi, our Lagos Team-lead ( 0 813 944 0464 ) will assist you with any further questions.

I do hope our materials will support your current work.
Best wishes,
Ewa Golik
Co-founder of WhyBlueSky Ltd.

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